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Moving Your Microsoft Access Database to the Cloud

AccessHosting.Com offers a number of different approaches for moving Access 2007, Access 2010,  Access 2013 and Access 2016 databases off of your desktop or corporate network and onto the web. Moving your Access database to the cloud has wide ranging benefits including increased security, high availability and support for multiple users and devices. This page will describe the pros and cons of each approach and present a series of features to consider based on the individual requirements of your application.

Select the Best Access Hosting Solution for your Business:

  • Application Hosting via RDP

    Remote Desktop hosting is by far the easiest and fastest way to get your mdb or accdb database into the cloud. It’s also the most popular choice among Access Developers since it allows you to host your database without code modification.

    RDP hosting offers extensive device support via Remote Desktop clients for iPad, Kindle Fire, Google ChromeOS,  Mac OSX, and HTML5 Web Browsers. It also supports VBA code and split frontend/backend database so there is no need to modify existing applications or convert databases. One of it’s most popular features is that it supports multiple concurrent users with secure login and common drive configuration for both front end and back end deployment. RDP also supports local/remote copy/paste and printing to local devices included.  We even offer full Office Suite Pro plans so that you can integrate your database with Excel or Outlook for automated emailing.

    Visit our Remote Desktop Hosting Page

  • Access Web App

    Starting with Sharepoint Enterprise 2013, Microsoft introduced the Access Web App. This is a great way to get your basic forms and queries running in Sharepoint and a web browser.  With our SharePoint Web App hosting solutions, you get a fully featured Sharepoint 2013 Enterprise site collection enabled with Access Web Apps and Web Services 2010.  Web Apps require that all reporting is done in MS Access so you will need to build all of the web app functionality from scratch.

    Access Web Apps are a great way to move your database to the cloud making it accessible to lots of people via the web browser and Sharepoint.  The downside is that these apps need to be completed in Sharepoint and if you’re working from an existing database, much of your work will not be transferable to the web database.  VBA code is also not compatible with the web. The way you build more functionality into your web database is by having MS Access installed locally and connecting to the Web App’s SQL data so that you can run reports and use VBA code.  This added front end functionality requires that users have Access installed on their computer.

    Visit our SharePoint Hosting Page

  • Backend Hosting via SQL Server

    SQL hosting is a great way and powerful data storage solution that can be beneficial for many MS Access devleopers. If you’re already utilizing a split Access Database, you can migrate your entire backend off of your local machine and into the cloud in Microsoft’s highly available and scalable cloud database service. With SQL Hosting, Access developers do not have to install, setup or manage any database.

    SQL hosting offers the best scalability and performance with the power of SQL Server and supports SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) supported. You are not limited by the 2GB ms Access backend .mdb and can upload large amounts of data and work from a large database. SQL offers great access development flexibility; you can connect to SQL from your local desktop version of Access or a variety of other ODBC and SQL supported options. Best of all it can be combined with our hosted remote desktop solutions to provide gigabit connectivity between the Access front end and SQL back end.

    Visit our SQL 2012 Hosting Page

  • Sharepoint 2010 Hybrid App

    For Sharepoint Enterprise 2010, Microsoft unveiled the powerful hybrid Access application running on Access Web Services.  While this service is no longer being developed or expanded on by Microsoft or supported in Office 365, Access Hosting still maintains its enterprise hosting solution based on this technology.

    Access Web Databases allow you to run reports, queries and forms within the browser. It also runs locally on Access and will sync your data with the online web database whenever you go offline.  This ability to work offline is a very popular feature for many Access users since it seamlessly resyncs any offline changes to the database.

    Learn more about the power of the Access Hybrid Application

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