What’s New in SharePoint 2016


SharePoint has come a long way since its inception in 2001. Whether your business adopted SharePoint and the Office Suite from the beginning, or you are brand new to this collaboration tool, the changes in 2016 can help your business use resources to their fullest. See what’s new to increase your workforce mobility and your document management efficiency.

Hybrid Deployments

One often-difficult business decision is whether to use on-site and cloud deployments. The easy solution is a hybrid of the two, and SharePoint 2016 offers a hybrid model. Instead of only having access to on-site or cloud servers, several hybrid deployments allow you to access sites and documents regardless of where they are stored.

Hybrid Search

Hybrid Search is a new option that searches content across both on-site and online sources for a complete Office 365 experience. This replaces the necessity to be logged in to the source at the time it’s needed and opens up a more consolidated search.

OneDrive Redirection

OneDrive Redirection integrates a OneDrive button into the navigation bar. When it or the Sites button is selected, users are redirected to Office 365 seamlessly.

Hybrid Team Sites

Hybrid Team Sites allow you to follow in one place. In conjunction with OneDrive redirection, your team sites are accessible, and you can link to Exchange Online and Delve.

Apps and App Launcher

As business becomes even more mobile, the ability to access information on the go is a necessity. SharePoint 2016 not only has a new, user-friendly look, it also has corresponding apps for all your employees’ iOS, Android and Windows devices.

In addition to the SharePoint app itself, configuring hybrid team sites or hybrid OneDrive enables users to see their app tiles within SharePoint. The App Launcher then allows linking to the appropriate location, whether it’s on-site or online.

Touch-Friendly Interface

If your team carries tablets, you’ll appreciate the new responsive user interface. To provide a seamless experience, SharePoint 2016 has a fresh, clean look that adapts to screen size and optimizes for your devices. It also integrates Delve and Office Graph with activity streams, recommendations and top links for user convenience.

Other Improvements

Although the following features aren’t necessarily new, they are improvements on the existing features from 2013 and before. They work hand-in-hand with the new emphasis on speed, mobility and access to create a friendlier user experience.

Upload Larger Files

Previously, file size was limited to 2 GB, but now, file size is unlimited. However, you may experience timing out if the files are greater than 10 GB.

Sharing Improvements

The invitation mail has been improved with one-click approval or denial of requests. There is also increased visibility of who the file has been shared with and when it was viewed, and this 2016 version includes sharing hints and the ability to create and share folders.

Faster Site Creation Time

After configuring PowerShell, sites can be created in one second rather than the 40 seconds in SharePoint 2013.

Better Durable Links

If files are moved or renamed, durable links ensure that users can still access the files they need.

Creation and collaboration of documents and projects have never been easier or more in demand. With these improvements and new features, SharePoint 2016 can help your business reach the next level of success.

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