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What’s New in Microsoft Excel 2016


With new versions of Office tools, there are often new features. But which ones are really the tools to take note of so that you can increase efficiency? Here are a few new key features available in Microsoft Excel 2016.

1. New Charts

A major difference between Excel 2013 and Excel 2016 include six new charts, including the Pareto, Histogram, Treemap, Box & Whisper, Waterfall and Sunburst charts. These maps allow you to examine data in one view across different hierarchies and analyze statistics. For example, when you use the Treemap chart, you can analyze which product categories provided the highest revenue. The Box & Whisper chart allows you to gain insight on the range of data and to easily identify outliers, such as a product that may be underperforming.

2. New Templates

Get your tasks off the ground in an instant with the new templates in Excel 2016. You’ll find relevant templates to address business needs, such as the Stock Analysis template and My Cashflow template. These templates allow you to monitor how you spend your money and to quickly compare how well your stocks are performing in a given category. Additionally, you can take advantage of the dashboard feature to manage your calendar and manage your time more efficiently.

3. Touch-enabled Ink Equation Capabilities

Manually inputting math equations can become tedious and has been a standard way to get the results you want to solve a problem in previous versions of Excel. However, new features within Excel 2016 allow you to write complicated math equations by hand with a touch-enabled device thanks to the ink equation feature. Simply use your stylus or finger to write the equation while using the Microsoft Excel app on your device and watch as the app converts it into text. You can even use a mouse to get similar results.

When you’re using your laptop or desktop, you can easily access the feature by clicking on the Insert tab, selecting the Equation link, and choosing the option to Ink. This feature also makes it easy to correct errors by erasing mistakes.

4. Improved Database Features for Data Transformation

Add-on programs, such as Power Query and Power BI, simplify data conversion to enable you to quickly analyze information to solve questions you seek to answer. You can even forecast data with accuracy when you use the Forecast Sheet feature. You can also optimize your queries when using the Power Queries feature with the recent support for parameters. Just select the Home button and choose the Manage Preferences option to access the New Parameter selection.

5. Integrated 3D-Mapping Capabilities

If you wanted to make three-dimensional maps in previous versions of Excel, you needed to have downloaded the Power Maps add-on feature. However, 3D-mapping capabilities have been integrated and enhanced with Excel 2016 and renamed as 3D Maps. Additionally, you can compare and analyze different pieces of information, such as populations and building locations, with the 3D Maps feature. Furthermore, it’s easy to share your stories and video tours you’ve created to improve engagement among your target audience.

Final Thoughts

With all the new features available from Microsoft Excel 2016, it’s worth taking the time to learn about and practice using the ones that best fit your needs. By exploring these new features, you stand to increase your productivity for vital projects and tasks.  Access Hosting offers free trials of Office 2016 and Excel 2016 in our own private cloud.

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