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5 Hidden Costs of Hosting Your Database On-Premise

When it comes to storing your critical business database, there are two basic optics – hosting your own database yourself or outsourcing the hosting to another company. Your initial thought is likely that on-premise hosting will help your business save money compared to paying others, and from the standpoint of hosting fees, that would seem logical. In addition, self-hosting gives you more control. However, hosting your database yourself has several hidden costs that you’ll want to consider before deciding on the best hosting solution.

Hardware and Maintenance Costs

One of the most obvious types of costs you’ll incur by self-hosting your database are hardware and maintenance costs. It will be up to your team to determine the specifications you’ll need on your server to support your database hosting needs – and then purchase the required hardware. The costs to maintain your hosting hardware will also be purely your responsibility, whether the maintenance work is done in-house or outsourced.

Electricity and Bandwidth

On-premise hosting means you will also be responsible for the cost of the electricity required to run your hosting hardware. This not only includes the amount of power you will consume for your data center, but also the electricity needed to properly cool your data storage system. Along with electricity, you will also have bandwidth expenses, which can vary based on the speed your hosting needs require.

Cost of IT Personnel

Finally, if you choose to use on-premise hosting for your business database needs, you will likely want to use in-house staff to oversee and provide maintenance for your hardware. This means salary costs, payroll tax and other costs for one or more IT personnel. While in some cases these IT team members may be able to work on other tasks as well, larger hosting requirements may require a dedicated staff member for this aspect of your business.

If you’re considering hosting your business database in-house, it’s important to weigh all of the advantage and disadvantages. Understanding the true costs of on-premise hosting will help you make the right decision for your organization. Remember that we offer a variety of 30 day free trials for hosting Access and SQL Databases.

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