Why Virtual Remote Desktop?

Hats off to Microsoft for a great product.

The best Virtual Remote Desktop features are: flexibility, ease of use, reliability and scale. Whether you are a small to middle-sized business owner, an corporate IT guru, or even an office-less independent consultant, your time is best spent on your business goals rather than managing Access applications on your desktop. A virtual remote desktop solution from Access Hosting offers lets you outsource your MS Access application operating environment at a low monthly fixed price per user.

Now here comes the good part:

Remote Desktops Maximize Flexibility

The wisdom of “The only thing that is contant is change” is a perfect fit for modern business and virtual desktop technology. To thrive in today’s extremely dynamic business environment your organization and its infrastructure must be agile. Microsoft Remote desktop technology is indeed the premier tool to solve many previously ellusive business technology challenges.

  • Add (or reduce) users as needed.
  • Connect to the application from anywhere, at any time, using just about any device
  • Minimize the need for physical office space and updated software
  • Connect to your Access database via the Web in any HTML5 compatible browser with our Power RDP technology

Remote Desktop Maximizes Productivity

A remote desktop software solution is the perfect example of getting more with less. Traditional IT will no longer be bogged down with trouble shooting mundane issues. Instead IT can now work proactively to contribute to the bottom line. Also, staff and managment’s efficiency will benefit from the Microsoft remote desktop’s consistent look & feel whether in the office, at home or on the road. With Access Hosting Remote Desktop plans starting at $19 (per user/per month) it’s easy to see how our pricing is going to increase your organization’s ROI.

  • Use your  full-featured office software packages, not browser-based knockoffs.
  • Reap the benefits of the latest office software without wasting budget to update desktop hardware.