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Access Developers are free to use the power of Microsoft Visual Basic.  Our Remote Desktop hosting solution supports VBA code and Legacy databases. Run your existing Access Database without modification in the cloud.

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Collaborate with multiple concurrent users in your Access Database. Every unique user account can log in and work in your MS Access database simultaneously without any modification or changes to your database.


Access your database or custom app from any device with the power of Access Hosting, best of all your data is always synced to our private cloud. Our remote desktop hosting works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Web Browsers and tablets.


Remote Desktop Hosting supports splitting your database into a frontend and backend for better performance, security and control.  You can even move all of your backend data into our powerful SQL hosting solution and connect to it via ODBC from a Remote Session or your own local copy of Access.


Integrate your Access Application with Microsoft Office.  Export reports to Excel or add email functionality with Outlook to your Access cloud database. Save time and money with our Hassle Free hosting solution.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Save time and money with our Hassle-Free Managed Cloud Solutions tailored to MS Access and your business. Access Hosting specializes in bringing Access applications to the cloud. If one our plans doesn’t work for you, we can build a server designed specifically to meet your business needs.

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