AccessHosting.Com offers a number of different approaches for moving Access 2007, Access 2010, and Access 2013 databases off of your desktop or corporate network and onto the web. Moving your Access database to the cloud has wide ranging benefits including increased security, high availability and support for multiple users and devices.

Here’s a quick comparison of all of our different plans and pricing options

Remote Virtual Desktop Hosting – $19 per month

  • Works on any Device – Windows, Mac OSX, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Kindle Fire, other Android tablets and devices
  • Does not require ANY development work or changes to your Access Application
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office: Excel (charts) , Outlook (automated emails), Word (mail merge), etc
  • Allows you to split your database – use Access or SQL 2012 as your backend for all your tables and records
  • VBA Code compatible

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SQL 2012 Hosting – $49 per month 

  • Best Scalability and Performance with the power of SQL 2012
  • Bundle with Remote Desktop for incredible performance and storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • Strictly hosts the backend data and tables ONLY

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SharePoint 2013 Hosting with Access Web Services 2010 – $99 per month 

  • 2 GB of Storage / 10 users included
  • Unlimited bandwidth and Databases
  • Take Advantage of the powerful Access 2010 Hybrid Application
  • Combine Web Forms/Reports with your existing clientside Access DB functionality

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SharePoint Foundation 2013 – $99 per year

  • 1+GB of storage / 10+ users included
  • Unlimited bandwidth and Databases
  • Take Advantage of the utilizing SharePoint lists as your Access Backend via ODBC
  • Collaborate in the cloud with SharePoint’s library and file check-in system
  • Easily integrate with Microsoft Office products
  • Create public facing websites with Anonymous Access

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SharePoint Access Services 2013 on Office 365 – $20 per user per month

  • Browser-based forms and data entry
  • Includes the latest Office applications plus the most advanced enterprise-grade communication capabilities
  • No Browser based Reporting – requires a copy Access and can only be run within the program
  • Not VBA compatible – Data Macros Only
  • Raw Data is pushed and secured in SQL Server 2012 and can be accessed via ODBC

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Dedicated SharePoint Access Services 2013 / 2010  – $499/month

  • Full Customization, Development and Consulting available
  • Support for Access Services 2013 and 2010 on the same server
  • HTTPS/SSL support for vanity domain names
  • Support for all language packs including Arabic and Chinese
  • Customized security configurations such as lockdown by individual IP address and forced SSL/HTTPS
  • Browser-based forms and data entry
  • Not VBA compatible – Data Macros Only

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