Moving Your Microsoft Access Database to the Cloud

AccessHosting.Com offers a number of different approaches for moving Access 2003, 2007 and 2010 databases off of your desktop or corporate network and onto the web. Moving your Access database to the cloud has wide ranging benefits including increased security, high availability and support for multiple users and devices. This document will describe the pros and cons of each approach and present a series of features to consider based on the individual requirements of your application.

Solution #1: Running Access 2010 against hosted Access Services/SharePoint 2010 Enterprise

Pros: Browser based forms/reports. One version of the application automatically syncs changes to all users. Can develop hybrid applications with a mix of web and client functionality. Mobile Device Support via browser.  Secure Active Directory logon with self-service password management. Multiple backup options available.

Cons: Limited to performance constraints of SP 2010 lists. Conversion to SharePoint compatible format required for existing databases. Existing client based forms and reports must be rewritten for web support.

Solution #2: Running Access 2003, 2007, or 2010 applications in a Remote Desktop.

Pros: Extensive device support via Remote Desktop clients for iPad, iPhone and Mac OSX. No need to modify existing applications or convert database – quickest way to get up and running. Multiple users supported with secure logon and common drive configuration for Front End/Back End deployment. Backup files to any cloud based storage service (Amazon S3 Recommended).  Secure Active Directory logon with self-service password management. Support for Access 2003 applications.

Cons:  users must run Remote Desktop client (no browser based application support). Backup must be performed by the Access administrator or inside the application due to locking scenarios.

Solution #3: Running Access 2007 or 2010 against hosted SQL Server 2012

Pros: Best Scalability and Performance with the power of SQL 2012. Secure Active Directory logon with self-service password management. Multiple backup options available. Upload large amounts of data.

Cons: Cannot sync application changes automatically to front end clients. ACCDB or MDB files must be converted to SQL compatible format.

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3 Responses to Moving Your Microsoft Access Database to the Cloud

  1. Torben Strate Sørensen says:

    How about Access 2002 ? It is not to see in the preveus text – can iti be used?
    I am using Safari-browser on a Mac computer – can this be used as well?

    • admin says:

      Our hosting plans do not support Access 2002. The farthest that we go back is 2007.

      The Safari browser is fully supported by Microsoft for Access Web Services in SharePoint 2013 – but you will need Access 2013 to actually build a database on SharePoint.

  2. says:

    well i am unable to download the Trial for microsoft access remote desktop

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