Healthcare Hosting Solutions

The Healthcare industry is continuously changing, and the pressures to keep your systems available, and information contained on them in compliance is changing with it. As these compliance mandates get tighter and the need to cut costs grows, you need to partner with someone who has the expertise and experience to meet these growing challenges.

You can attempt to do it yourself or look to Access Hosting.  We have experience helping our customers deal with the demands of HIPAA, EHR EMR, and GRC requirements.


The healthcare industry today is protected by regulatory landscape and guidelines like those mandated by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).  Many of our healthcare clients who host their Access databases in our data center can feel secure Access Hosting supports HIPAA compliance.

Best Practices

Our  medial and healthcare clients have different business use cases for hosting applications like Microsoft Access or MS Office and need their data highly secure and available. These small Healthcare organizations have leveraged Access Hosting solutions for its ease to start-up applications, accessibility and guaranteed uptime. This results in reduced costs rather than having to create new tools and manage additional IT on premise hardware environments. Lowering cost of any unnecessary eDiscovery issues that may arise.

In order to comply with the aforementioned regulatory requirements healthcare application providers and organizations need to put in place best practices and technology solutions that make sound business sense to retain, recover and keep up to date relevant Access reports, lists and data.

Why Access Hosting

Access Hosting offers a number of different approaches for moving any access database or desktop application off of your local computer or corporate network and onto the web. Moving your database application or healthcare software to the cloud has wide ranging benefits including increased security, high availability and support for multiple users and devices.