How much SharePoint 2010 storage will my Access application consume ?

We recently had a customer using our Developer Sandbox hosting plan run out of storage space as they published a web application to SharePoint. Further investigation of this problem uncovered a very interesting dilemma for Access Services developers: The size of the application on your local disk is typically much smaller than the size of your web application after it has been published to Access Services.

In this case, a 13 megabyte local Access application was exceeding a 25 megabyte storage quota after being published to SharePoint 2010. This raises the question: how do you tell how much space is your application is consuming on the server? Unfortunately, there is no magical command or menu option that will estimate the application size before publishing – but here are 2 techniques for determining how much storage your application is using AFTER it has been published to SharePoint:

Technique 1: Use the SharePoint 2010 Usage Analysis feature to determine how much space your site is using pre and post publish. The delta between the pre and post publish space consumption would then represent your published application size. The drawbacks to this approach are 1) It assumes that you are the only one adding content to the site collection while publishing your application. 2) SharePoint 2010 usage analysis is not real time and you will need to wait for the statistics to be updated before getting an accurate reading of the space consumed. SharePoint 2010 defaults to a 1X/day update for usage analysis so a 12-24 hour wait is typical. Here is a screencast that show exactly where to find the usage anaylsis information in SharePoint 2010.

Technique 2: If you have control of your SharePoint 2010 Server, you can use Powershell to figure this out:

1. Open PowerShell as administrator
2. If you didn’t open PowerShell via the “SharePoint Management Shell”, then snap-in:
Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
3. Type Get-SPSite to show all SharePoint site collections in the farm
4. When he finds the one he wants, type $site = Get-SPSite –Id
5. Now the site in question is stored in a variable called $site. So just type $site.Usage.Storage and hit enter. The total space being consumed is shown down to the byte. If you want MB, then do $site.Usage.Storage / 1024 / 1024.

Hopefully this issue can be addressed in a future release of Access Services.

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