Get an Access Database on the web in less than 5 minutes

How it Works
When you publish a web database, Access Services creates a SharePoint site that contains the database. Every database you publish will have it’s own unique URL (i.e. All of the database tables, forms, reports and queries move into SharePoint as part of the publishing process.

After you publish, SharePoint visitors can use your database, based on their permissions for the SharePoint site. They can visit the web database’s URL or you can distribute an .accdw file that they can open in Access 2010 or the free Access Runtime.

Get a Web Database online in 5 Minutes!
After receiving your credentials from Access Hosting, you can get a valid web database online in minutes. Simply download our Contacts Web Database template and follow our simple step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Download Access Hosting’s Contacts Web Database
Step 2: Open the Database in Access 2010
Step 3: Publish the Database to the Web (watch video)
Step 4: Refer to the ‘Getting Started’ Tab for help

This database is a simple shared address book in the cloud. You can add/edit contacts, search the database, add comments and print reports.

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