Microsoft Access Hosting Services Free 30 Day Trials

Our Free Trials are a way for Access Developers, Businesses, and other interested parties to test out our hosting before they purchase a hosting plan. Access Hosting reserves the right to decline and or deactivate a free trial. Your Access Hosting account details will be sent to the email that you provide, so please fill out your details as accurately as possible. Please do not use a Yahoo email address, requests from Yahoo will be ignored.

By requesting a free trial you are agreeing in full to our Acceptable Use Policy.

Trial Account requests are typically processed within 24 hours

If you need help figuring out what free trial would work best for your project, please check out our guide.

SharePoint Access Web Services 2010
$99 per month

Publish your SharePoint web compatible database to Access Web Services 2010 and enjoy the benefits of the hybrid database. SharePoint 2013 with Access Web Services 2010 allows for browser based form and reporting services.

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  • 2 GB of storage space per user
  • 10 Users ($3 per additional)
  • Web database and browser-based reports
  • Unlimited Databases and Bandwidth
  • Expert 24/7 support & tutorials
  • 99.9% uptime and reliability
  • Simple file sharing and online file collaboration with SharePoint
  • Includes Office Web Apps: Online versions of Word, Excel and more
  • Shared online calendars

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Remote Virtual Desktop Hosting
$19 per user per month

Move your Access 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 database running "as-is" to the cloud and collaborate with concurrent users without any modifications. Connect to the cloud from any PC, iPhone, iPod, Android Device and experience the program as if it was running on your Windows desktop.

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  • 1GB of storage space per user
  • Works on every Device!
  • Unlimited Databases and Bandwidth
  • Expert 24/7 support & tutorials
  • 99.9% uptime and reliability
  • No Coding or database development work
  • Works with Split Databases: Host Frontend & Backend
  • VBA Code Compatible
  • Integrate with the Office Desktop apps: Word, Excel, Outlook

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SQL 2012 Hosting
$49 per month

SQL Server Hosting allows you to host all of your backend data and tables in a secure cloud storage platform while continuing to utilize your Access frontend on your local computer or remote desktop. Link to your backend tables from anywhere with unlimited users.

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  • 10 GB of storage space per user
  • Best Scalability and Blazing Fast Performance
  • Distribute your Access file to Unlimited Users
  • Expert 24/7 support & tutorials
  • 99.9% uptime and reliability
  • Split your Access Database – use SQL as your backend linked tables
  • Utilize Visual Basic VBA code in your Access Frontend
  • No Bandwidth Charges

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Work with your Database anytime, anywhere

Our virtual desktop hosting easily allows multiple concurrent users to access the same database via any device (Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) from a web browser or using an RDP Connection. This is a full windows desktop machine rendered on any device that has the full functionality of Access 2010 in any HTML5 web browser. It will be instantly familiar to any Access Developer and is fully compatible with VBA Code and split databases.

Powerful SQL Backend Hosting

Develop and host your Microsoft Access Database on a mission critical platform that provides the highest level of performance, scalability, and availability, with disaster recovery built in. Get a Free Trial of SQL 2012 Hosting as your Access DB backend this service allows you to utilize linked tables and manage your Access Front-End locally.

SharePoint Access Web Services

Develop an Access 2013 web app in Sharepoint or utilize the incredible power of Access Services 2010 and the hybrid application. Whether you want web-based forms and reporting or the latest offering from Microsoft Office 365, Access Hosting can help you with your database hosting needs.