FAQs about Remote Desktop Hosting

Our remote desktop option has become more and more popular, especially with traditional Access Developers that want to utilize the full power and robustness of the Access software, plugins, VBA code, and more!  Here are some frequently asked questions that we always receive regarding our RDP hosting:

How can I load my Access database into the remote desktop session?

There are 3 ways to accomplish this. 1) Use a Copy/Paste from your local machine into the remote session 2) Look under the “Computer” icon in the remote session. You should see your local drive displayed 3) Use a web based storage service like www.dropbox.com to transfer the files.

Can I have multiple concurrent users accessing the same database?

Sure – if you purchase more than one instance of the remote desktop we can provide a networks storage location that can be mapped as a Z: (or any other letter) drive and used for the backend of your Access Database.

How do I connect my Macintosh to the Access Application in the Remote Desktop?

The Microsoft Remote Desktop client for Macintosh OSX can be downloaded at no charge from http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads

How do I connect my iPhone and iPad to the Access Application in the Remote Desktop?

We recommend purchasing www.jumpdesktop.com from the App Store to connect your iOS devices to the remote desktop

How can I backup my Access database?

We recommend using a www.dropbox.com account and installing that into your desktop. You can then setup regular backups that move your information into the cloud.

Can I use a local printer?

Yes. Any printers that are locally attached via on LPT port are fully supported. Printers that are connected via your local network or USB are also supported but need to be mapped into a local LPT port before they are visible to the remote desktop session. The command to do this looks something like net use lpt3 \servernameprinter /persistent:yes. Do this before connecting to the remote session and the printer should be visible.

Can multiple users share a single remote desktop instance?

Yes, but only one user can be connected at a time. If your users connect at different times during the day they can share a single remote desktop instance.

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