Dedicated SQL 2012 Hosting for Unlimited Access Databases


We have been getting tons of requests from Access developers and DBAs about SQL Server 2012 (previously known as “Denali”) that need multiple databases and other more robust SQL 2012 options. Today we are pleased to announce the availability of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Web Edition for $199/month.

This is the latest installment of Microsoft’s popular database and it includes a number of improvements over previous versions. New improvements SQL 2012 include AlwaysOn for higher availability, Contained Databases to improve on some of the authentication challenges associated with moving databases and FileTables for those apps that manage unstructured data that lives as files outside of the database.

Of course the big advantage of this plan to Access Developers is the ability to create an unlimited number of tables, databases and SQL user logins so that you can manage multiple clients, databases, projects and Access applications from the same secure cloud-based location.  If you have any further questions, please check out our SQL 2012 webpage and feel free to chat online with a sales representative or contact us via email.

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2 Responses to Dedicated SQL 2012 Hosting for Unlimited Access Databases

  1. Jeff Watson says:

    Will this work with Access 2007? Also we are currently in free trial of the Remote Desktop application you offer, I am unclear on the costs if we add the SQL feature for $ 49.99 per month as to having multiple users for our Access database/SQL backend…will each user need to have a login for Remote Desktop in order use SQL backend?? (I am envisioning the front end be a copy on each users own computer)


    • admin says:

      Jeff –

      Yes Access 2007 can ODBC connect to SQL. With SQL backend, you can access your data and backend from any location. It works with our RDP hosting, but you could also connect from any computer on your end that already has Access installed and your frontend configured to connect to the SQL backend.

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