Microsoft Windows Server Hosting Solutions: Sharepoint, RDP, SQL and more

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Dedicated Windows Hosting solutions

Build your own Windows Server customized to your database application’s needs, Whether it’s SQL server 2012, SharePoint Enterprise, Remote Desktop solutions, or your own dedicated Windows Server. Access Hosting has you covered.Get a Free Quote

Our Dedicated Remote Desktop solution is completely customizable and allows you to manage your own users and server.  Install and run any application on your server on any device.  Integrate your Access application with Quickbooks, Outlook, Microsoft Office and more.  Our pre-built server solutions start as low as $199/month.

– Customize your configuration or use one of our pre-built RDP, SQL or SharePoint solutions

– Works Fast: Dedicated bandwidth, CPU, RAM and processing

– Manage your own users and Administrate your own Server

– Dedicated SharePoint Server Farms, SQL 2012 servers, RemoteApp configurations and more

– Build your Windows server to your specifications

– No Setup Fees and No Long Term Contract

– 99.9% uptime reliability

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