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Consider These 5 Key Factors Before Your Next SaaS Product Purchase

Investing in Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, products can help grow your business through efficiency. However, you may want to consider several factors before making a commitment. Learn five key factors to consider before buying SaaS products, including business needs, cost, service terms, the ability to negotiate and security.

Business Needs

One of the first factors to think of when buying SaaS products is whether the item fits the needs of your business. You can achieve this by making sure your IT strategy and the goals for your enterprise are aligned. Defining your business needs will serve as a guide to determining what features and functionalities you need. This can be a dashboard that shows reports clearly at the top of your web browser or features, such as templates and notifications, that automate to improve enterprise operations. The features you ultimately choose should simplify work rather than make it complicated.


Cost is a pain point for small businesses. SaaS products offer a lower-cost option that on-premise data centers. Using Access Hosting to host your Windows Server, Web Database Application, or Collaborate using Microsoft Office 365 is way more affordable than purchasing your own hardware. However, you don’t want to be blinded by price baits only to be faced with any surprise expenses, such as rising monthly subscription fees – that is why Access Hosting plans are month to month and let you cancel at any time. Get a clear picture of what to expect when it comes to the price of the SaaS product you are considering. If you are offered a trial subscription, find out when it ends and the set roll-to price. Inquire about add-on fees and pricing structure, such as per-user fees, license fees and subscription fees.

Service Terms

When you are considering your next SaaS purchase, you want to make sure that the service terms are agreeable. You also want to ensure the product will be available when you need it the most. The service terms can discuss service level agreement to determine availability as well. Make sure the terms of service, including the vendor’s security policy, are also well-documented.

Flexibility in Negotiation

If you like the support a SaaS vendor brings but can’t seem to find the product that’s right for you, then you may want to consider if terms or the actual product is negotiable. Discuss customization options with a sales representative to see if there is a package or service they can offer you that aligns with your business needs. You also want to make sure your vendor has flexibility with negotiating terms regarding service level so that you can get reliable service that takes hours rather than days to fix should a problem arise.


Any information that is personally identifiable can be at risk if a data breach occurs. Hackers can use their social engineering and doxing skills to find pertinent information, such as phone numbers and emails, and pose as an employee. That is why you want to consider a SaaS product’s security. Take care to assess the safety of your data with any SaaS vendor you are considering before purchasing its products.

Have a checklist of questions prepared to make sure you’re asking the right questions. You can even create a ranking system by using a standardized information-gathering or SIG questionnaire to determine if one security feature is more important than another. Consider SaaS products that routinely back up data and have encryption options available. Get to know the procedure for disaster recovery and information security control coverage.

Final Thoughts

Investing your company’s hard-earned profits in SaaS products should not be taken lightly. By considering the needs of the business, the price of the product, its service terms, security and whether you can negotiate any of these factors, you can buy the right SaaS for your business with confidence. Access Hosting is confident that we can build a cloud solution perfect for your business and database application.

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