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Microsoft Azure RemoteApp is no more, but don’t worry we can help!

New purchases of Azure RemoteApp ended October 1st, 2016, so where do you go if you need RemoteApp hosting? For the time being Microsoft will continue to support existing Azure RemoteApp customers on the service through August 31st, 2017, when the service will be shutdown – but then what?

For those unaware, Microsoft Azure RemoteApp brought the functionality of the on-premises Microsoft RemoteApp program, backed by Remote Desktop Services, to Azure. Azure RemoteApp helps you provide secure, remote access to applications from many different user devices. Azure RemoteApp hosted non-persistent Terminal Server sessions in the cloud.  This technology is very similar to our long offered Remote Desktop Hosting Services.  It is the same basic technology stack but RemoteApp direclty launches a specific application rather than a full windows virtual environment.  We have already been contacted by a lot of Azure RemoteApp customers and are happy to report that we are happy to offer a hosting alternative to Azure RemoteApp (or the expense of Citrix).  We are happy to announce that we are more than capable of creating an RDP RemoteApp server for your business needs.  We believe that we can offer low-cost hosting plans for remoteApps of any Microsoft Office programs (including MS Access) and if you’ve developed your own Windows Software or specialized app, we can setup a dedicated Windows RemoteApp Server to host and distribute your software in the cloud.

Please contact our technical team if you’re interested in setting up a free RemoteApp Trial.

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3 Great Reasons to Choose Microsoft Access


The database market is divided among four major players: MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL. Due to accessibility and focus on user interface, MS Access has garnered some negative press as being unsuitable for professional level database development. However, depending on the needs of the organization, there are many compelling reasons to choose MS Access as your business database software.

1. It’s widely distributed

MS Access is bundled with the MS Office suite, making it the most widely available desktop database program in the world. This also makes it one of the most affordable options for businesses, which tend to purchase businesses licenses of MS Office. The common interface among all the MS Office programs makes it easy to import and move data to and from the database without having to resort to specialized software. Due to the popularity of the product, support for MS Access is also very good, with plenty of online tutorials and articles available, in addition to Microsoft’s excellent customer service.

2. It’s user-friendly yet powerful

One of the main benefits of MS Access is its ease of use. Even users new to database development can pick up the basics quite easily, as everything is presented in an intuitive manner. Much of the user interface in MS Access is designed to assist users with creating and editing tables, and there are many templates available to ensure that the database meets organizational needs. MS Access also provides options for importing data from other databases, and provides troubleshooting tips for every step of the way.

Despite this focus on ease of use, MS Access users have access to powerful SQL tools that allow for rapid development. MS Access is also .NET friendly, meaning that developers wanting finer control of software development can take advantage of the ease of use and functionality of MS Access.

3. It has excellent third-party support

Due to the widespread popularity of MS Access, there are many third-party plugins and developmental tools that are available. This means that MS Access is far more flexible than other databases, making it easier to customize and adapt to the changing needs of your business. In addition, there are many more external consultants well-versed in MS Access, and they are generally more affordable than consultants for Oracle and SQL Server.

MS Access is an excellent database choice if your organization requires a database that is easy to use and that has established, reputable support structures. MS Access is powerful enough to meet the demands of most small to medium businesses.

Best of all you can utilize Access Hosting superior hosting infrastructure to further bolster your Access Database and get it in the cloud easily and securely.  All of our services offer a free 30 day trial so that you can easily test everything with Microsoft Access to make sure that it meets your needs.

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Access on the iPad – now featuring Power RDP and iOS7

We recently updated our popular YouTube video that shows Access running inside the Safari and Chrome browsers on the iPad with iOS7. This new and improved solution requires no extra software and allows Access 2007, 2010 and 2013 applications to run without modification.

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Announcing Excel 2013 Power Business Intelligence Hosting

excel2013 power view

Access Hosting is proud to announce our new Excel Power Business Intelligence Hosting for only $99/month.  This new plan combines the flexibility of our Remote Desktop hosting solutions with the power of SQL server hosting.  This powerful solution is possible NOW without the expense of Office 365 or a SharePoint server and allows for substantial business insights through PowerPivot and Power View.


Power View is an interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience that encourages intuitive ad-hoc reporting. Power View is a powerful feature of Microsoft Excel 2013 that can be utilized in ANY HTML5 compatible web browser with our Power RDP technology.

You can learn more about this product and sign-up for a 30 Day Free Trial of Excel 2013 Hosting here.

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Download Access 2007, Access 2010 and Access 2013 Runtime

The Microsoft Access 2013 runtime has been released.

The wait is over for Access 2013 Runtime. Here are the download links for the last 3 versions of the MS Access Runtime environment. Remember that you can use these runtime packages to deploy Access Applications free of charge. They make a great low cost solution for putting legacy Access applications on the internet, the iPad, and most Android devices WITHOUT the hassle and expense  of conversion using our Remote Desktop Hosting and SQL 2012 Hosting Plans.

Access 2013 Runtime Download

Access 2010 Runtime Download

Access 2007 Runtime Download

Remote Desktop Hosting Plan Free Trial

SQL 2012 Hosting Plan Free Trial


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Dedicated SQL 2012 Hosting for Unlimited Access Databases


We have been getting tons of requests from Access developers and DBAs about SQL Server 2012 (previously known as “Denali”) that need multiple databases and other more robust SQL 2012 options. Today we are pleased to announce the availability of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Web Edition for $199/month.

This is the latest installment of Microsoft’s popular database and it includes a number of improvements over previous versions. New improvements SQL 2012 include AlwaysOn for higher availability, Contained Databases to improve on some of the authentication challenges associated with moving databases and FileTables for those apps that manage unstructured data that lives as files outside of the database.

Of course the big advantage of this plan to Access Developers is the ability to create an unlimited number of tables, databases and SQL user logins so that you can manage multiple clients, databases, projects and Access applications from the same secure cloud-based location.  If you have any further questions, please check out our SQL 2012 webpage and feel free to chat online with a sales representative or contact us via email.

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Happy New Year: Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2013

Start the new year by reviewing the dramatic improvements to Access and Access Services in SharePoint 2013. This 8 page document will step you through some of the biggest differences between Access 2013 and Access 2010.
What’s New In Access 2013

If you like what you see go ahead and sign up for a free trial of our Hosted Access Services 2013, Remote Desktop 2013, or SQL 2012 solutions.

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Remote Desktop Virtual Appliance NOW only $10 per User!

We are happy to announce that our Remote Desktop Virtual Machine has undergone some price changes and is now cheaper than ever.  Our RDP Virtual Appliance is only $299/month and comes with 4GB of RAM and up to 10 users.  Access 2010 or Access 2007 will come pre-installed on every remote desktop.  With RDP, there are absolutely NO CHANGES necessary to your Access Application to get it running in the cloud. Simply copy/paste it over to your Remote Virtual Desktop.

Additional users are now only $10 per month! and the entire Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint) can be added to any virtual desktop for only $10 per user per month!  These plans come with No setup fee and NO long term commitment.  Best of all, you can install your own software and completely customize your RDP environment.

Check out our RDP Hosting Virtual Appliance

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SQL Server 2012 – 10GB for $49

We are happy to announce that all of our existing SQL 2012 server customers (and any new SQL customers) now have 10 times more storage with our basic plan.  Our basic SQL 2012 Server hosting comes with 10 GB of storage space.  This package is perfect for enterprise level Access Databases that need to have their data tables securely hosted in the reliable SQL database environment.  This package has been priced to be incredibly competitive with Windows Azure and unlike Azure has no bandwidth limits/surcharges.  It’s simply 10GB of SQL 2012 Server Storage and hosting for $49/month.

Now is a great time to give our SQL 2012 Server Hosting with our free 30 day trial.

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Office 15 Opening Video

The free public preview of Office 15 just became available.  Interestingly enough, they’re calling it: Office 365 Home Premium Preview.  After downloading a very small install exe file, you’ll go through a few steps and be greeted with this opening video for the suite of products:

We’ll follow up with some impressions and videos of Access 15 in the coming weeks.

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Introducing Remote Desktop Semi Dedicated and Virtual Hosting Plans

We are proud to introduce a streamlined and cheaper RDP Virtual Appliance Hosting options for only $299/month. To learn more about this new product visit our new webpage.

Windows Remote Desktop Services is a powerful way to access your company information, files and databases from anywhere with an available internet connection. Remote Desktop users that purchase one of our dedicated virtual servers can run all of their company software (Microsoft Office, Access Databases, Accounting Software, etc.) online instead of from their local hard drives. Our Windows RDP Virtual Appliances have dedicated resources for each customer which guarantees system performance, absolute security, and access to everything from anywhere. The Best part is that the cost is fixed per employee and paid monthly.

Purchasing a remote desktop dedicated hosting plan offers much more flexibility and control than our shared plans. All of our virtual appliances allow for administrator access that will let you customize your remote desktop environment and install your own corporate software and programs. More importantly, our hosting plans will save you money on costly servers, network maintenance, IT support, and bandwidth charges. Because we charge monthly per head, whether your business shrinks or grows your IT costs will always stay in line with your operation. No risky overspending, and no unexpected costs should you suddenly need to expand.

RDP Virtual Appliance – $299 /month

  • 10 concurrent users
  • 10 GB of storage space
  • Access 2007/2010 is included
  • Admin Access – customize the RDP environment to your needs
  • Customized security configurations such as lockdown by individual IP address
  • Install your own applications and software
  • Dedicated CPU/Bandwidth
  • Disaster Recovery storage target for your backup routines
  • FTP access to your disaster recovery backup storage
  • No setup charge and no long term contract or hidden fees (monthly subscription)
  • Additional Users can be added for only $29/month
  • Add each Microsoft Office application for $50/month per app

Purchase a RDP Virtual Appliance with Terminal Services Hosting

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Remove the Options Button and Prevent Users from Opening in Access

Since SharePoint 2010 with Access Services has been released, we have gotten requests from customers looking to prevent users from opening their Access application.  Many developers want the only user experience to be the browser based version of their application and our video tutorial hack is too limiting and simply not good enough.  Well, as you can see from the picture above, we have finally figured out a way to remove the Options Menu (and subsequently the Open in Access option) from any Access Web Database.  This customization has been widely requested and is yet another feature that Office 365 does not offer.  Unfortunately because of how SharePoint 2010 was designed and coded, this customization requires that we alter SharePoint master pages and is therefore only available with a virtual private server.  If you are interested in this feature, it is now available with any of our SharePoint Virtual Appliances which are only $499 and include 10 users and 5GB of storage space.

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New SQL 2012 Press Release Announcement

Wilmington, Delaware – May 23rd, 2012 – Access Hosting is proud to announce the immediate availability of SQL 2012 Hosting services. Customers looking for highly available and scalable cloud database services can now easily split their Access database and host the backend in a SQL Server 2012 cloud.

Access Hosting has recently released its SQL 2012 Hosting service alongside its popular SharePoint 2010 and Remote Desktop Hosting packages. With SQL 2012 Hosting, Access developers do not have to struggle with the installation and licensing of their own database server. High availability and fault tolerance is built-in and no physical administration is required. A Microsoft Access frontend with a SQL Server 2012 backend is an excellent combination. The two together provide a great way to leverage the power of Access’ rapid development with the reliability and speed of SQL 2012 Server. Access Hosting’s unique approach to hosting, a personalized service tailored to Access, will mean help will be there when it comes to database design, importing your data, view design, scripting help and much more. Pricing starts at just $49/month and there is a free SQL 2012 trial for qualified customers. To sign-up for a free trial, please visit

Access Hosting’s SQL 2012 hosting is a more powerful alternative to expensive web database solutions like Intuit QuickBase and Azure. Unlike Microsoft Windows Azure, Access Hosting plans do not charge for bandwidth or processing power. This new SQL pricing is simple and based solely on the services and storage that customers require. Access Hosting’s SQL 2012 environment is completely customizable, scalable and upgradeable.

Why pick for your SQL Server needs?

1. Access Hosting has been providing SharePoint 2010 Hosting and catering to the Access Developers needs since 2010. Clients will receive the same great service and reliability record with this new SQL 2012 hosting service.

2. World Class Security: Server SSL Certification, SQL Database Encryption in a certified SAS70 Data Center.

3. Premier Consultation Experts: All of Access Hosting’s second tier support personnel are recognized leaders in SQL Server with Access and certified Microsoft Access MVPs.

AccessHosting.Com is a Microsoft-centric hosting provider focused on affordable Access, SharePoint 2010, Remote Desktop, and SQL 2012 hosting solutions and services. Access Hosting offers a variety of secure and reliable web services that help Microsoft Access users move their database applications into the cloud. Access Hosting starts with a world class hosting infrastructure coupled with years of Microsoft expertise to make sure clients’ servers are stable, secure and highly available.

Access Hosting focuses on customer driven solutions based on SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Remote Desktop and SQL Server 2012. Access Hosting promises as a service provider to present clients with a seamless and unified experience accessing their web based solution while providing a number of deployment alternatives. The foundation of this promise is built on the Microsoft competencies the company leverages to implement the right solution for each client.

For more information visit


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New Low Cost RDP Hosting – only $29 per user!

We just updated our website with our brand new $29 per user per month RDP hosting option (old version was in a dedicated environment but cost $99/user – this has become our Virtual App offering).  This new hosting option allows everyone to easily host their old Access 2007, or VBA code apps in the cloud and also offers the best mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android) Experience available.  Check out our updated page on the website:

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Access Hosting works on Blackberry Playbook

I was able to get my hands on a Blackberry Playbook today and had a chance to test our SharePoint service and Hosted Microsoft Access Databases.  I am happy to report that the browser that the Blackberry Playbook uses seems to be completely compatible with SharePoint 2010.  I was able to login to our demo site and load our Contacts Web Database right on the Blackberry Playbook.  I took a quick snapshot on my phone of the database working on the Playbook.  Very cool!


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Access 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1

We have been busy testing the latest Service Pack for SharePoint 2010 and Access 2010 and will be making this upgrade available to our customers in the near future. In the meantime we thought it would be useful to review some of the SP1 feature enhancements that will impact Access Web Databases.

New Feature: Site Recycle Bin

In SharePoint 2010 it is very easy to accidentally remove your entire site collection. This feature allows a quick and easy restore of the site collection instead of having to revert to a restore of your latest backup file. The backup/restore method was time consuming and required a rollback to the last site backup, this new approach will quickly bring your site back right where you left off before the accidental deletion.

New Feature: Improved Storage Space Allocation

SharePoint 2007 enabled granular management and insight into storage. In 2010 this feature was removed. In Service Pack 1 Microsoft is bringing back an improved StorMan.aspx, enabling users to better understand where their quota is going and act upon that information to reduce the size of their sites. In the case of web databases, this will allow you to see exactly where and how your storage quota is being consumed. The published/compiled size of an Access Database is often several times larger than it looks on the file system, so this new feature will help you visualize what is happening with your site collection storage allocation.

New Feature: Improved Publishing Performance for Client Forms with Embedded Images

This has been a common issue since the release of Access Services – in some cases the publishing process would just grind to halt if there were too many images on a form. Nice to see that it has been corrected.

New Feature: Offical Support for Chrome Browser

Many customers are already using Chrome successfully to render forms and reports inside the browser but it is nice to have Google Chrome offically recognized as a valid client platform for SharePoint 2010 and Access 2010 Web Databases.

Complete list of Office 2010 SP1 fixes

As a final note, Office 365 is currently running on the latest Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010, not Service Pack 1.

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