Access Hosting on Apple’s iPad

This video demonstrates how easy it is to use Access Hosting’s great SharePoint hosting service on your iPad.  Because of our SharePoint configuration, your Access 2010 Web Databases look great on Apple’s iPad.  You can easily navigate and use any web forms, queries, and reports right from your iPad’s touchscreen.  This video demonstrates logging into your Access Hosting SharePoint site, navigating SharePoint, loading a Contacts Web Database, and then navigating and using your Web Database:

  1. Open iPad’s Safari Browser
  2. Type in your SharePoint site URL into the Safari Browser
  3. Fill out the prompt with your Access Hosting Credentials
  4. Click login
  5. After you SharePoint site loads, click All Site Content in the left quick launch menu
  6. The iPad sometimes has issues with scrolling in SharePoint 2010, so you may need to click the View button ans select “Sites & Workspaces”
  7. Click on your desired Access Hosting Database
  8. Your start-up web form will load in the browser
  9. Viola! you can use your Database right on your iPad!
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