Access 2010 New Features: The Trust Center

When you open an Access Database for the first time, you will see a yellow security warning.

Clicking Enable Content will enable the macros and ActiveX controls of the database file.  Access 2010 will remember what Databases and Websites that you enable so this security warning will only displayed when you open a new database.

You can manage this security setting in the Access 2010 Trust Center.  Go to the Backstage View by clicking File  and then click Options. On the Options menu, select Trust Center at the very bottom of the list.

You can click Trust Center Settings to manage all of the trusted documents, components, Macros, ActiveX content, and more.  In this menu you can adjust the security settings of Access 2010 and even clear/erase all of the saved documents that were trusted. By default, Access 2010’s security features and trust settings are very good.  Nonetheless, you and/or your company may have different security preferences that can be adjusted in the Trust Center.

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