Power RDP – Run your Access Database in any Web Browser

ico_html5Converting an Access Database to a web compatible format is time consuming, expensive, and often limits your app functionality because things like SharePoint 2013 Web Apps do not support VBA code or browser-based reporting. Our Power RDP Solution allows you to run your existing version of Access (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016) inside any HTML5 compatible browser without any expensive conversions.

Power RDP is included with all of our Remote Desktop hosting plans except our starter Access Runtime plan, but it can be added to that plan for only $5 per user per month.  Here are some of the amazing features of Virtual Remote Desktop hosting and Power RDP:

  • You can use a traditional Frontend/Backend configuration OR combine Power RDP with a hosted SQL Server backend for optimal scale.
  • Support for multiple users across a standard internet connection using
  • Native Word, Excel, and Outlook integration supported via VBA.
  • Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices support this solution WITHOUT the need for 3rd party apps.
  • You can test this solution at NO CHARGE for 30 days with our Free RDP Hosting Trials to ensure compatibility with your Access applications.

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