Introduction to the Microsoft Access 2010 Hybrid Application

This video is much longer than our typical short form tutorial videos but it provides a more comprehensive view of the new Access 2010 Hybrid Web Database architecture. The demonstration walks through the entire process of creating a hybrid application and publishing it to Access Services in SharePoint 2010. The specific features demonstrated include:

  • PowerPoint overview of the Hybrid Application Architecture
  • Convert Native Access Table to Web Table
  • Create Lookup Relationship between 2 Web Tables
  • Check Compatibility
  • Publish Converted Table to Access Services
  • Create a Web Form, Report and Navigation Form
  • Set Startup Form for the Web Client
  • View your published application from the browser
  • Create a Native Form, Report and Navigation Form
  • Set Startup Form for the Native Client
  • Publish a Hybrid Access Application
  • Create a Shortcut to your published Hybrid Application
  • Invoke your Hybrid Application in the Access Runtime

Introducing the Access 2010 Hybrid Application from Access Hosting on Vimeo.

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