How to migrate your Office 365 Access Web App to Access Hosting

After signing up for our Office 365 compatible Access Web App hosting plan, you can easily migrate your existing MS Access database over to our solution in a matter of minutes.

1. Visit your Office 365 Access Web App in the browser and click the ‘customize in access button’

2. Open the downloaded access database .accdw file in Access and then login using your Office 365 credentials.

3. Navigate to the file menu and select save database as -> save as a package

4. Name the database package file and be sure to select the ‘include all data in package’ option before clicking OK

5. Visit your Access Hosting site and login (this information was provided to you via an email when you signed up for this service, if you have not signed up please do so here,

6. Click the gear in the upper right and select add an app. Then search the app catalog for Access apps and click the Access app.

7. Then type “access” into the search box

8. Then select “Access Apps” icon

9. When prompted, be sure to select the ‘upload an .app package’ option – this will allow you to choose the .app package you saved to your computer from Office 365.

10. Choose the .app file saved to your computer and click create.

Now you have your Office 365 access web app safely uploaded to our hosting service.  If you run into any problems during this process, please open a support ticket and we will be happy to get you up and running on our hosting platform.

Sign-up here for a free trial of our Access Web Apps hosting plan built on Azure.

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