Dedicated SQL 2012 Hosting

Dedicated SQL Server 2012 (Web Edition) $199/month

Microsoft SQL Server is a cloud-ready information platform that helps organizations unlock breakthrough insights across the organizations and quickly build solutions to extend data across on-premises and public cloud. With SQL 2012 Hosting, Access developers do not have to install, setup or manage any databases. High availability and fault tolerance is built-in and no physical administration is required. With a dedicated instance of SQL 2012 Web Edition, you can build an unlimited number of databases and unique SQL logins for all of your different Access development projects. With a dedicated instance of SQL 2012, customers have the flexibility to customize this solution to whatever their business needs.

Access Hosting’s Dedicated SQL 2012 hosting is a more powerful alternative to expensive web database solutions like Intuit QuickBase. Unlike Microsoft Windows Azure, our hosting plans do not charge for transfer bandwidth or processing power. Our SQL pricing is simple and based solely on the services and storage that you require. Our SQL 2012 environment is completely customizable, scalable and upgradeable.

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Dedicated SQL Server 2012 Features

Our SQL Server 2012 hosting offering requires that you convert your Access ACCDB or MDB file to a SQL compatible format. With this service, you will be hosting all of your data in the cloud on our service and will be self-administering the Access Frontend. The main drawback to SQL hosting is that you cannot sync application changes to all of your users via the service. That means that if you change Access forms, reports, or queries – you will need to distribute the new front-end Access file to all of your users yourself. For Access Developers, this type of control is actually not much of a problem because this option allows them to utilize VBA code and gives developers the control over their Access Application that they desire while still keeping all of the data synced and stored in the cloud. SQL 2012 is an incredibly powerful tool that is built to store data and provides a variety of features to Microsoft Access Developers including:

  • Unlimited SQL Server User Accounts with Database Owner Privileges
  • Create Unlimited Databases for all your Access projects
  • 10 GB of Storage Space (Each additional block of 1GB is only $10)
  • Best Scalability and Blazing Fast Performance
  • Upload immense amounts of data – No Access Record or Table Limits
  • Record Level Security features, SSL certificates and Encryption
  • Split your Access Database – use Linked Tables
  • Utilize Visual Basic VBA code in your Access Front End
  • Robust Backup Options – hourly logs, FTP backup sets and more
  • Schedule Daily SQL jobs and scripts
  • No Bandwidth Charges
  • Distribute your Access file to Unlimited Users
  • Daily Data Backup on a secure network in a SAS 70 Data Facility
  • No Setup Fees and No Long Term Contract
  • Optional Remote Admin (RDP) Access

This configuration can be typically setup in 24-48 hours and offers an effective solution for hosting your most demanding Access Web Database applications.

Purchase a customized virtual server hosting Plan
If you would like to pay by email invoice, please contact us to set that up