Microsoft Access SharePoint Migration and Web Database Conversion Services

Entrust your SharePoint data to our experts

When it comes to SharePoint migration, it can be easy for the uninitiated to lose control of content and metadata such as sites, lists, web parts, views, libraries, permissions and more. Our dedicated migration experts spend their entire day doing nothing but migration. They have been through every possible scenario and can handle any challenge you might have. More organizations around the world turn to Access Hosting because of our extensive knowledge of SharePoint Enterprise and Access Web Services!

  1. Dedicated team to handle the entire migration process
  2. Minimal effort on your part
  3. No loss of data
  4. Seamless process
  5. Limited downtime
  6. Schedules and solutions adapted to your organization’s needs
  7. Migrate from SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010 to SharePoint 2013

Self-migration option

If performing the migration yourself is more convenient, simply start moving over your SharePoint and Access Databases yourself. Should you require any assistance during the migration process, we are always there to help.

Access Database Conversion

Access 2010 is compatible with any Access 2003/2007 database, but unfortunately in order to utilize Access Web Services all of your tables need to be converted into web tables. Access 2010 is kind enough to provide a web compatibility checker which allows you to check and see if your old 2003/2007 tables are ready for the browser.

Running the compatibility checker for the first time and getting a list of database errors is incredibly frustrating. It’s very time consuming and monotonous to address this issues to get your Access Application to the web. That’s where our service can help! Our automatic conversion script can convert all your tables to web capable tables.

Simply upload a snapshot of your Access 2007 database to our server and after analyzing the complexity we will provide you with a fixed price quote to convert that data into a Access 2010 web compatible format.